MicroSD Cards

This is IMPORTANT – The biggest issue we encounter is people using cheap, knock-off cards.

  • The MicroSD Card is a very important part of the camera. This is NOT something that you should skimp on. Make sure you use only high quality MicroSD cards class 10 or greater.
  • Do not use a card greater than 32gb (With the UPAC) or 64gb with the UPAC2.

If you already own a memory card and want to check it to see it’s true capacity and performance, click on the following link and download H2testw. It can take up to an hour to completely test your card.


Please Note: If you are using a memory card that has been previously used and formatted in another device, You need to reformat before using in your Ultimate Predator Adventure Cam. To do this simply insert the card into your computer card reader and go to file manager and right click on the card and choose “Format”.

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