Ultimate Predator Adventure Camera WiFi Support

Getting your WiFi to work properly:

Several iOS 10 variants, (10.1.1, 10.2 etc.) have an issue in their WiFi programming that is not allowing some WiFi devices not to connect properly.

This is a workaround, until Apple fixes the issue. 

Connect to the Ultimate Predator Adventure Cam WiFi network as outlined in the instruction manual.

When you connect to the network, you should see the error message of  “No internet connection.”

In your iOS WiFi settings, you will see 3 icons to the right of the network name; a lock, the signal indicator and a lowercase in a circle.


If you click on the i, it will take you to the information for the network. It is defaulted to “DHCP”. You will want to click on “Static” and manually enter the values listed in the wifi settings seen to the right.

Now, you will want to go to the Apple AppStore and locate an app called iSmartDV, and install it. Use this app to view and control your Ultimate Predator Adventure Cam on your iPhone or Android.

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