Common Hunter Decoy Questions and Answers.

In the animal kingdom, nothing disrupts life like the presence of the Ultimate Predator.

We want to ensure you have the very best experiences with our company and want to answer as many questions as possible.  We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our product. However, we realize that you may have more specific issues or questions not addressed here, so we’ve provided a handy contact form at the bottom.  We promise to respond as fast as we can so you can get back out there and become the Ultimate Predator!


Some common questions with our best answers!

  • What Tips and tricks do you have for using the Stalker Decoys?

    You can find a lot of tips and tricks by clicking the button below!

    Tips & Tricks

  • I am having trouble collapsing the Stalker Decoy. What tips do you have?

    We have found there are two main reasons why people have a little difficulty collapsing the decoy.

      1. People by nature tend to grab the decoy with their hands turned the same direction. It is imperative to turn one hand up and the other down before attempting to collapse the decoy in opposite directions.
      2. People tend to twist then bring their hands together. This will cause the decoy to twist in the wrong spot and collapse incorrectly.   It is imperative to twist and bring your hands together simultaneously.
      3. You can also watch this video.

    How to fold

  • What types of bows do the Stalker Decoys attach to?

    Our Stalker Decoy will attach to long bows, recurves, compounds, and crossbows. We have tested the stalker decoy on literally hundreds of bows and have yet to find one that it does not attach to. If you happened to have one we missed, feel to return the decoy to us for a full refund.

    Compound Bows Crossbows Trad Gear
  • Will the Stalker Decoys attach to Crossbows?

    Yes! The Stalker Decoys absolutely will attach to crossbows, with the exception of reverse draw crossbows. There are numerous ways to attach the decoys to crossbows. And the pattern on the back of the decoys is identical across all species.


  • What happens if I submit a photo or video?

    If we like your photo or video, we will potentially use it on our site, on social media, and possibly on other advertising venues. In the event we use your photo, we will enter you into a drawing for a free decoy of your choice. Drawings will be held regularly and winners will be announced on the website.

    We will enter your name in the drawing ONCE for normal decoy use photos such as the decoy attached to your camera equipment, your bow, your preferred attachment method, photos in nature, fun photos, ect.

    We will enter your name into the drawing THREE TIMES for successful kill photos with the decoy in the shot.

    We will enter your name FIVE TIMES for videos.

  • My compound bow is overly reflexed. Will the Stalker Decoy attach to my compound?

    Yes. However, if you would like additional ease and added support, we recommend purchasing our quick release system. You can find the quick release system on our products page.

  • What can I do about the folds in the Wind Drifter Decoys?

    The Wind Drifter series of decoys may have creases and folds after they arrive, or after prolonged storage. These are easily removed or lessened through any of several methods.

    You can simply fold the decoy(s) opposite of the direction it was folded with originally and leave it there for a while.

    You can hit the decoy(s) with very hot water from your shower for several minutes. This will soften the foam, then set the decoys out to “set” in their new shape.

    You can also fill the decoy(s) with crumpled newspaper after warming them up.

    With the Whitetail Wind Drifter, the 3 pronged ground stake will sit perfectly on the back of the deer, just behind the front shoulders and provide enough weight to help settle it in the correct shape.

    This will not need to be done frequently, but keep in mind that it may need to be done after prolonged storage, depending on how you store them.

  • Why have blaze orange strips been provided with each Stalker Decoy?

    Here at Ultimate Predator, we strongly believe in safety. The two detachable strips are made to wrap around the decoy’s ears. We highly recommend always using both the blaze orange neck wrap and ear wraps when hunting or even holding the decoy in the wild. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using the decoy during any type of rifle season.

    Stalker Decoys are lifelike and may attract other hunters or animals. Do not use on public land or anywhere other hunters may be present. The user of this product assumes all risk of injury or death in association with the use of this product. Use the provided orange strips as an additional safety measure.

  • I have an invention or product I would like to run by you guys. What do I need to do?

    We would love to hear about your invention or product!   Feel free to contact Lance at or call 719-800-1492 anytime to visit more in-depth about the process. We will be glad to sign a NDA (nondisclosure agreement) and provide references.

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