Wind-Drifter Turkey Decoy


The Turkey Wind Drifter

The Wind Drifter decoy is made of durable foam, detaches from the rod it uses in seconds, and folds/compacts taking up very little space. Having just a couple of these in the field will increase your chances of landing that turkey and you’ll be surprised at its simplicity and effectiveness. This decoy creates life-like motions with even the slightest of breezes. Take a look at the benefits and truly remarkable features that our turkey decoy provides and what sets our turkey apart from any other decoy on the market!


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The Benefits Are Clear

We’re out to change the way you and other hunters like you think about decoys. Forget for a moment that our decoys are extremely effective, we also don’t think that effectiveness should come with a product that is hard to take with you. So, we developed and field tested our decoys, and the results have surpassed even our expectations. Between our Stalker and Wind Drifter decoys, you can expect to get closer then any other decoy on the market. Time after time our customers report their success. Now it’s your turn!

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Weight 25 oz