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Shannon B – Wolfforth, TX
I have always wanted but have been hesitant to stalk whitetails. I finally feel like I will have a fighting chance
Robert R. – Canyon City, Colorado
I watched my friend use one of the turkey prototypes to harvest a beautiful Rio Grand the first day we went out.
Colin B. – Minot, ND
This is exactly what the market has been missing. There is no doubt my spot and stalk success rate will instantly improve.
Cheryl P. – Dublin, TX
I haven’t gotten to hunt with the decoy yet, but the second I saw them on FB, I knew I had to have one….ok maybe several!
Glenn H. – Cedar Vale, KS
I was blown away at how fast the whitetail opens, collapses, and attaches to my Hoyt Spyder.
Cole Van Winkle – AZ Extreme Hunting
All I can say is I'll never hunt without a stalker decoy again. Wasn't sure about it when I first got it but on the very first stock I was able to shoot an awesome coues buck with my bow. I have to say it was the easiest stock I've done yet. And I'm pretty sure it had a lot to do with the stalker decoy.
Rick Forrest – Az Extreme Hunting, Founder of Swhacker Broadheads
When I'm bowhunting big bucks, I need every advantage I can get....these Decoys give me the edge I need to close the gap for a clean shot.
Miguel C. – Sacramento, NM
I got a second chance on this same NM bull elk that I missed two days earlier. This heard bull came in screaming for a 21 yard broadside shot. My biggest bull ever! I finally found a decoy that WORKS!
Miguel – Capitan, NM
This Dominate Buck came from 60 yards to less than 19 yds. He left his doe(s) to gather me up. The Mule Deer Stalker Decoy works wonders.

On day two of the hunt we glassed up a herd of 12 does, a bigger buck and a little buck. They were about a mile away. Shortly, the big buck chased the little guy out of sight. I made an attempt to get between the does and were I thought the buck might return. After only a few hundred yards the buck returned and I was stuck out in the open with no cover. After about an hour and a half of crawling closer I still had about 300-400 yards to have prayer of getting within archery range. Out of nowhere the little buck returned. Promptly, he was chased of by the big buck. This was my chance… I moved quickly to where I thought he might return. The does saw me and moved a hundred yards further away but no sign of the buck. A set up with the decoy facing the same direction of the buck and waited. About 15 minutes later, I saw his horns moving over a small rise. As soon as he came over the rise he spotted my decoy and ran straight for me. I drew back. He stopped broadside 20-30 yards and slowly walked from left to right. I took aim at his chest and released. The arrow found the mark and the buck went down 80 yards from were he was shot. It’s a safe bet that the decoy made all the difference. Thanks for an amazing product.

Unit 10, AZ

I used the Ultimate Predator Turkey decoy attached to my bow to take this fine Tom on the second morning of the Spring hunt here in Arizona, Unit 13B North. The decoy allowed me to approach this Tom to within 20 yards while he was strutting and slip an arrow in him. I will be using Ultimate Predator decoys on other game here in the future. It performed amazingly well. I couldn’t be happier.

AZ Hunter


After 4 years of bowhunting with no luck, the Antelope Stalker Decoy gave me just the edge I needed to hammer my first bow kill.  I had my buck walk right to me. I will never leave any hunting camp without their decoys again!

Las Cruces, NM

The Stalker decoy got this big guy to come in all fired up, destroying a small cedar tree at 35 yards. It was a rush, but I was able to stay calm, knowing he wasn’t at all alarmed when I drew hidden behind the decoy.

Pickstown, SD

I have to say the wind drifter decoys worked great on this old bird. Getting an old tom to commit after 4 weeks of hunting season is not an easy task. This guy came sauntering in silently. After an hour of calling and waiting, I got out of my blind to have a look around. Luckily, I spotted him before he spotted me. He was alone and feeding about 150 yards out. I got back in the blind, and caught him spying on the wind drifters. For 20 minutes he hung up out of range and would not answer my calls. He just kept feeding and watching the decoys the whole time. The wind was so calm, but every time a little breeze would come though the drifters would move about and he would get a little closer. Finally he strutted in to 20 yards, and i’ll admit I had trouble keeping my pin steady on this old grey beard! But I was able to put an arrow through him and he tipped over 10 yards away! I’m confident the wind drifters got me this bird, as he never made a noise coming in, and would only strut after he seen the drifters move. My wife shot her tom out of this same area the weekend before, also using the drifters.

Killdeer, ND

Well this buck saw my decoy and came running! Was about 200 yards out and ran right in to 37 yards! He froze on the hill and I had time to draw and shoot while he was looking at me. Definitely enjoyed using my stalker decoy! Now to see if my dad can have the same luck with it!

Regina, SK, CA

Shot a 105″ Coues deer Jan 9th, 2016 with the whitetail decoy. Shot a 270″ elk in Sept 2016 with the elk decoy, and shot a good muley with the muley decoy Jan 6, 2017. Not bad for 362 days. Get some!!!

Herford, AZ

The story on this giant 3×2 was unreal. As I had just glassed up a nice symmetrical 3×3 that was pushing 4 does, I decided it was in a good position to put a stalk on him. I attached my stalker decoy and was on the move. I got in a wash and was going to cut him off and as I was doing so I looked over in the wash and had this giant 3×2 chasing 9 does so I started to stalk him instead. I was about 150 yards out and snuck in to 40 yards after a slow steady stalk. He would look up at me and I’d stop, wait a minute, then he would go back to what he was doing and the does acted like I was one of them and didn’t even worry about me, so I just kept moving slow. After a while of being very patient he then gave me the perfect opportunity to let an arrow fly at 40 yards. The dows just stayed and didn’t take off until I walked towards the buck and put the decoy down with excitement! This decoy is hands down the best out there and helps get the job done. I highly recommend everyone getting one. Thank you guys for making an awesome decoy!

Stafford, AZ

All I can say is I’ll never hunt without a Stalker Decoy again.  Wasn’t sure about it when I first got it, but on the very first stalk, I was able to shoot an awesome coues buck with my bow.  I have to say it was the easiest stalk I’ve done yet!

AZ Extreme Hunting


I had a phenomenal morning photographing whitetails just above home.  I was using an Ultimate Predator Decoy on my camera and the one buck almost jumped me!  He came so close I was having a hard time taking shots!  Then, he just walked away.  I think he was within 8 or 9 yards of me.  The big buck was headed right to me too but got sidetracked with the does.  Wow, I’m now a HUGE believer in the decoys!

Boulder, CO

The decoy was amazing and is the ONLY reason I got the shot I did on this bird!

Monroe, LA

Elk with Decoy1

Dawn on opening morning, I heard what I thought might be elk splashing in a nearby pond. Sure enough 5 bulls came out of the trees surrounding the pond and headed across the adjacent meadow. I cow called and the bulls stopped and saw the decoy from about 150 yards away across the meadow. Another cow call and the largest bull turned and came to 90 yards and stopped and started pawing and raking the grass. I waited for him to stop and called again and he came right on a string to 35 yards staring at the decoy the whole way. Awesome thing about the decoy is it covered the movement to draw the bow as he just stood there looking at it. One shot and my 2016 Colorado archery elk season was over within minutes with a nice 5 x 6 point bull.


I got a second chance on this same NM bull elk that I missed two days earlier. This herd bull came in screaming for a 21 yard broadside shot. My biggest bull ever! I finally found a decoy that WORKS!

Sacramento, NM

Saw this buck cruising fast down a hill solo about 200 yards away. Had seconds to strap on the Ultimate Predator Mule Deer decoy and gave him a single grunt. He immediately turned and was running my direction after seeing the decoy. I went to full draw as he approached. He stopped at 3 yards panting (not a typo, 3 yards!) Punched the release and the arrow buried deep. Long story short, got my first Arizona desert mule deer in the last days of 2016 with the help of this decoy. Incredible hunt using the Ultimate Predator decoy!!!

Tucson,  AZ

Jared Jensen

I arrived at my hunting area and sat on a water hole from 3:30 pm till 6:30 pm.  Nothing going.  I couldn’t take the mundane anymore.  Decided that I needed to get to the top of the ridge and glass.  I figured armed with my Stalker Decoy I could get something going.  Made it to the ridge top and let out a few mews.  Here came four cows to 60 yds.  They spotted the decoy and came to 50 yds.  Then, I heard him.  The bull was headed my way from over 1/2 mile away.  Leaving the ridge, I crossed the canyon and went up the ridge point.  Once I topped out, the bull was at 300 yards.  At 200 yards the bull saw miss stalker.  He looked for what seemed 30 minutes, in actuality, it only took about 1 minute for him to decide I was a cow.  The bull came on.  At 30 yards, I drew as he was about to step into my shooting lane.  He saw the decoy and stopped!  I let down as he turned broadside, I called and he stopped.  The decoy allowed me to sidestep 2 yards as I drew.  You know the rest.  I was amazed at how well this decoy works on all elk….bulls and cows.  I love the shoot through window and the versatility to put this decoy in my pack.

Rancho, NM

On my 2014 NM Archery Deer Hunt, I was able to get to within 20 yards for a easy shot. It was the fastest hunt that I have ever done. My hunt was over on the very first day, the first 10 minutes of my deer hunt! The New Walk and Stalker Mule Deer decoy works Fantastic! Easy to use, Large shooting Window….I Love it and won’t use anything else.”

Ruidosa, NM


These decoys are amazing!  They work just as well off your bow as they do on it.  I was on the side of the road talking to a longtime friend and getting ready to put my bow up for the day, when this guy came over the top of the hill chasing a doe.  With my bow in one hand and my decoy in the other, we started down the road to close the gap.  He was watching me walk down the road and never gave a 2nd thought about me being a danger to him.  He stopped on one of the steepest hills in the canyon.  After ranging him at 77 yards and just missing over his back, he ran up the hill 90 yards out.  I adjusted my sight and let a 2nd shot fly.  This time it found its mark just behind the front shoulder hitting both lungs.  I can’t wait to get my elk decoy on a good bull this weekend!  Thanks again to the great guys here!

Wasatch Front, UT

Ultimate Predator Stalker Decoys are hands down the only decoy ever needed. If “that thing” hadn’t been strapped to the front of my bow during this stalk, we wouldn’t have had the awesome turkey enchiladas we had for dinner tonight. It was absolutely incredible to watch those gobblers turn and charge at us. They closed the gap from 40 to 10 in 2 minutes flat.

Sutter, CA

My son shot his buck 1st thing in the morning.  Then, we put the same decoy on my daughter’s bow, and she shot her P&Y buck at 45 yards right after lunch.  Amazing!


Hiked in 7 miles and called out this cow from the dark timber. Once she saw my decoy, I started playing with her ears and it was on. I shot her at 20 yards. Great Decoy!!!

Crested Butte, CO

Killed this bull in wide open antelope country in Unit 10 in AZ. In the picture attached the bull was bedded under the loan dead juniper on the right. I used the wind and the terrain to stalk the bull to 32 yards. Once in position I drew back and slowly stood up so the bull could see the decoy. He came out of his bed, went 5 yards and looked at the decoy broadside at 38 yards. That gave me plenty of time to make a perfect double lung shot. The rest was history, he ran about 150 yards and tipped over. This successful stalk and kill wouldn’t have been possible without my Ultimate Predator cow elk decoy. Thank you!!

Unit 10, AZ

I had read about the Ultimate Predator Decoy on Bowsite, so I decided to order on for the 2017 Colo turkey season. My son Tanner put the decoy on his bow for opening day. We got into the turkeys first thing in the morning. He was able to stalk and spot using the turkey decoy and get to about 20 yards of this tom. Tanner made the shot and recovered the tom in 15 yards. When Tanner made the shot, he had turkeys in front of and behind him, the turkeys never spooked. This is a great decoy and now is my turn to use!

Near Glenwood Springs, CO

I am writing to tell you that your decoys are second to none. They have been hard on buckeye state gobblers this year. I had pair of birds working first morning they came around some brush and seen my wind drifter decoys and seen my hen move in the breeze and where strutting in like on a string. I actually had one bird in decoys and when i shot mine thats where he was heading. We set up on other birds that morning and scored again for my partner.  I cant wait to get my wind drifter whitetail decoy and put it to work on some big ohio whitetails. Keep up the great work!


My 16 year old son Tony and I called in 3 Toms to 8 yards with the Wind Drifter Decoys. He made a perfect shot with his bow and the bird dropped within a couple of yards. I am positive the movement of the decoys played a big role in having the Toms come in to our set up with confidence.


I have hunted Kodiak several times for Blacktail, and have had mixed results with distress calls and bleats. Some come slow and some don’t at all. Purchased a Ultimate Mule deer decoy, and a Mt Goat. Will be getting a Moose and Caribou in the near future. I moseyed within 35 yards of a feeding doe with her full knowledge of my presence. She accepted me as a deer and bedded right in front of me. That was fun, so I left the doe bedded and left the decoy on my bow. Skirting the mountain a few hours later I caught a buck sun bathing on a grassy knoll at 300yd, starring right at me! Fortunately I had been holding my bow with decoy facing down hill like a shield. I again moseyed toward the buck, but he was far to observant of me. I decided to find a good intercept spot and give a distress call with the decoy as visual aid. He jumped right up and moved quickly down the knoll to the left. I though “shoot he doesn’t like the call either”. Until….OHH my… he came back in sight almost charging at me, up and down though the Kodiak terrain. Realizing this was happening fast. I scrambled to get some distances on the range finder. he came into 18 yards and continued to circle me for my wind. I anchored an arrow..shaking like a leaf! A very convincing tool, ill always have one in my pack.So happy U.P. thought of this!


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