Announcing our new patented Stalker Decoys for hunters!


Colorado Springs, Co. Aug. 7, 2015 – Ultimate Predator announces the release of 5 species; elk, mule deer, pronghorn, whitetail, and turkey in their “Stalker” decoy line. The decoys weigh less than a pound, attach in seconds to your camera, shotgun or bow, incorporate a shoot through sight window and fold up into a 10 inch circle for easy transport.

Hunting decoys have been around since the dawn of mankind. Unlike most tools of survival though, their evolution has been a slow process. The decoys we use today aren’t really that different from those used by our forefathers. That certainly doesn’t mean there wasn’t room for improvement. It is with that in mind that the product development team at Ultimate Predator, set out to design the most efficient and deadly decoys in the marketplace today.

Key Features:

• Easy to carry
• Attaches in seconds
• Total weight ranges from 8 to 10.3 ounces depending on the species
• Collapses to a 10-inch diameter disc in seconds
• Easily fits into hunting packs

• Built in shooting window
• Durable, quick drying, micro suede fabric
• Attaches to any type mono/bi/tripod, shotguns or bows!
• Great for hunters and nature photographers
• Customizable hook and loop attachment system

• Decoy remains between hunter and prey
• No need for an extra set of hands
• Enables full hunter mobility
• Built in orange safety straps
• 100% made in the USA

“These decoys are game changers for close in, big game hunting.”

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