Here at Ultimate Predator, we pride ourselves on standing out among the herd by virtue of our creative thinking, can-do attitude, and good old-fashioned sweat equity. To be successful in today’s business environment, you simply have to outdo your competition. We are always trying to create world-class products, and then convince the buying public that they can’t live without it in as economical fashion as we possibly can conceive.  With that said, we recently co-hosted an event that we thought would be a unique platform for showcasing our products, allow us to reach our buying public at a reasonable cost, and besides that would just plain be a heck of a lot of fun to boot.

So why not have a hog hunting contest between well-known industry folks and/or celebrities and make sure the event is broadcasted to the bow hunting world with TV shows and social media being the conduit??

Think about it!! Hogs are the perfect quarry for such an event. They are ridiculously plentiful in Texas, the ranchers typically want you to harvest as many as possible, there are no seasons, and no limits. Need more? They provide excellent lean organic meat, and there are needy families everywhere that will gladly accept donations of the meat. On top of all of that, they are a bowhunter’s dream- absolutely a blast to hunt!!

IMG_4419That was why/how the Boss Hog Contest was created. The only missing pieces were the ranch and of course contestants. We asked around, and it was impressive to say the least how often the Barnes/Keith ranch near San Saba, Texas was recommended. We contacted owner Bob Keith, and he was very receptive to the idea. Upon inspection, it was clear that we had found the perfect ranch. The ranch consists of twelve thousand rolling hill, large oak tree covered acres with 11 miles of the Colorado River as one border. It’s no surprise that there are deer, turkeys, exotics, and hogs everywhere. The game population is incredible. The Barnes Keith Ranch is truly a world-class ranch both in terms of beauty and hunting potential.

Now, we had our event – The Ultimate Predator/Barnes Keith Ranch – Boss Hog Contest was born. All we needed was the ideal mix of contestants. Talking these folks into taking part in this event was really easy. We provided the ranch, guides, lodging, food, and entertainment (??), and all they had to do was use our products, bring a cameraman, and shamelessly promote the Barnes/Keith ranch and Ultimate Predator to the fullest extent possible utilizing their various channels.


Quickly, we assembled such notables as Tom Miranda, the adventure bowhunter (Territories Wild), Jack Frost- first ever to harvest a Grand Slam of North American Wild Sheep, Lincoln Tapp (Young Wild), Julie McQueen/Daniel Lee Martin (Till Death Do Us Part), Brady Ellison- three time Olympic medalist, and Cole Van Winkle (Arizona Extreme Archery)/Rick Forrest- (Schwacker Broadhead founder).

Scoring will be based on both total number of hogs harvested and total weight. Both scores will be tallied each scoring period. During each scoring period, each team’s score will be broken into two categories. The first is total weight harvested, and the second is total # of hogs harvested. There are 6 teams competing. The team with the highest total number of hogs harvested in each period will receive 6 points. The team with the highest total weight of hogs harvested will also receive 6 points. Second place will receive 5 points, third place 4 points, fourth place 3 points, and so on. If any team fails to harvest a hog during a scoring period, they will receive double zeros. Ties will split the allocated points. The team with the highest point total at the end of the six scoring periods will have the dubious honor of being crowned 2017 Ultimate Predator/ Barnes Keith Ranch Boss Hog World Champion!!

Guides stayed in their assigned area the entire 3 days and hunters rotated every half day so all hunted each area. We also provided a hog caller for each hunter one half day which provided a lot of additional excitement. Kudos to Glenn Guess of Hog Zombies for his expert game calling and Convergent Hunting Solutions for providing outstanding game calls for the hunt. They were a great addition to the event.

All hunting was done by spot and stalk and bow only. Every hunter had numerous stalks each scoring period, and by the end of the 3 day contest, each hunter had multiple harvests. I promised not to tell but also numerous misses, yes including Olympic Champion and current indoor and outdoor World Champion Brady Ellison. The only thing I ask is that you don’t let this get out to those pesky Koreans…. I think they think he never misses anything!!

hogsideLincoln Tapp ended up in the honey hole the first afternoon and harvested 9 hogs. He showed up in camp early in the afternoon. When I asked him what he was doing there, he said he had run out of arrows. That is exactly what we were hoping to hear!!

The teams all jockeyed for the lead over the next couple of days and by the last scoring period it had come down to a virtual dead heat between Team Ellison and Team Van Winkle. Cole and Rick made it back to camp first and they had harvested two hogs totaling 187 pounds. Brady showed up shortly and likewise had 2 hogs in the back of the truck. The first one weighed in at 94 pounds leaving the final hog weighed to determine the 2017 Boss Hog Contest champion. The crowd was silent (not really but it makes for good press) as the last hog was hung up on the scale and it read out 124 pounds and Brady Ellison was crowned (literally) the champion……something he has quite a bit of experience with.

Our Inaugural contest was a success!

Our inaugural ULTIMATE PREDATOR/BARNES KEITH RANCH- BOSS HOG CONTEST was a resounding success!! Six teams, with only one hunter hunting at a time, harvested 43 hogs in 3 days. To make that even better, Danny Bezet with Christian Bowhunters of Texas graciously offered to cover the cost of having all useable meat processed at a local processing plant and the total organic lean meat distributed to local needy families totaled approximately 900 pounds or enough to provide about 3200 meals. What a wonderful culmination to an incredible event. Our thanks to Danny and the Christian Bowhunters of Texas. What a classy group of folks.


We also want to give special thanks to the guides on the Barnes/Keith. Hunting manager Jose, ranch manager Robert, ranch owners Bob and Brian, and Chris, and Jeremy did an outstanding job of taking care of the hunters. A very special thanks goes out to Bob Keith, owner of the Barnes/Keith ranch. Without his unselfish support and guidance this event would not have happened. I can’t imagine that we could have possibly found a more spectacular ranch in Texas to host this event. I can guarantee there is not a finer group of owners and crew anywhere.  We at Ultimate Predator greatly appreciate the dedication and support of all you folks and look forward to crowning the 2018 Boss Hog Champion next year.

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